Air Brake Certification Program

In Edmonton by Alberta Truck Training

Air brake certification endorsement is required for driving any vehicle with air brake system.

If you want to drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes, you need proper training and knowledge about air brakes. You need to understand how to properly inspect the air brake system, and understand how to safely operate a vehicle that uses air brakes. In Alberta, you need a Q endorsement on your driver’s license if you want to operate a vehicle equipped with air brakes. To get that “Q” endorsement, you have to go through formal training, and clear a test. We keep the industry requirements in mind, and provide latest information to our students so that they can enter the workforce after completing the air brake course and clearing the test.

In this air brakes course in Edmonton, you will not only learn how to operate these brakes, you will also learn about detecting faults in the brakes.

Class 3 Driving Lessons
Air Brake Certification Course
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