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Due to the growing population of the Alberta and the ever increasing density of traffic on our roads, there has always been a greater need for effective school supported by quality training. Driving in the Alberta can be a very pleasant experience, owing to the quality of our road network and the huge variety of vehicles available to the drivers, however, this is entirely dependent on those same driver understanding and obeying the rules of the road.

That is why, our truck driving school in edmonton aim is to provide students with all the knowledge and skills needed to become a safe driver. We hope that your learning experience with us will be educational and pleasurable at the same time.

ATT & DEI has a wide range of training programs, including the MELT Training in Edmonton to suit your needs, from the complete beginner or the experienced driver wishing to refresh their skills and the business driver looking for a defensive driver training course, to commercial drivers wishing to drive trucks .We hope to demonstrate our commitment to safety, protecting the environment and giving our students to acquire a focused training.

ATT & DEI has built a team of dedicated instructors whose aim is to nurture and develop talent within the academy at all levels. As a academy, we believe in simple “Core Values” of excellent teaching and innovation in training. This in turn should lead to an enjoyable learning experience for our students, giving them skills to last a lifetime and giving the people of Alberta safer communities.

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To be the benchmark of professional competence in driver training to promote safe driving by creating a generation of skilled, alert and professionally trained drivers who diligently adhere to safe driving norms and traffic rules.

Our Mission

Alberta Truck training & driver education will leverage proven efficient training systems and management expertise to provide driver training of the highest standards and to help acquaint learner drivers with safe driving techniques and instill in them the right attitudes towards road safety and safe driving.